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Damon has been riding motorcycles for over ten years and began his racing of motorcycles in motocross. Since Damon was very young he has been racing something. Whether it was being an olympic hopeful sailor, or in the OP Pro series in snowboarding, if it goes fast, he has raced it.

Damon has had many top finish in many different classes. Today his focus is Supermoto. In 2008 Damon finished second place in the Novice class and forth place in the Vet 35 + class overall. In 2009 Damon took the Infineon Championship and in 2010 he won the Vet 35+ class first plate. In 2011 He took the top 7th plate for the Supermoto USA Pro Series and won a 2nd place championship plate in the Vet 30+ class.

His goals for 2012 are to win the Vet 30 championship and to take a top five in the Pro class. He plans to continue to service the needs of his customers at his local shop from dyno tuning and engine building to anything that can be dreamed up. You will always see him riding with a smile on his face and the wind in his hair. He will continue to offer support to new riders as an instructor and can assist with racer preparation. If you would like information on how you can become part of the team please see our latest version of our sponsorship proposal. Click here

Damon podolny

photos by Bob Stokstad, Mike Doran, Brad Peatross, and Kimberly Podolny.

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